In a 21st Century, Mobile device is useful for a More Meaningful Communication with Parents & Educators

Feb 05th, 2018 @ 11:11 am

Mobile Communication Brings Parents and Educators Closer

Using mobile technology is an excellent way to make the relationship between parents and educators more meaningful. Mobile technology links educators and parents on a much more immediate and instant level, and this increased involvement is beneficial to the student’s progress. Students, school Or Private tuition class administrators, staff, Transporters and parents all benefit greatly from the impact of smart mobile technology.

Parents who are deeply involved in their children’s education are able to provide support, help, and other aid to the students. Research states that “children tend to do better in school / Tuition Class / College, stay in longer and like more” when their parents are involved with the educational process.

Transitioning all messaging between the Educators and parents to mobile is an excellent way to make sure parents are constantly updated with important information. Basic information like.. student’s Attendance, Test / Exam Marks, Fees Reminders, Test / Exam Schedules, Holidays & Vacation’s Calendar, Parents Meetings, Event information & Invitation and even changes to important policies / Timings / Cancellations.. can all be sent via mobile technology especially Text messaging Or Emailing Or App notifications Or Web Log in. According to Research, 95% of parents own cellphones, and 97% of parents (At least one of ) live in households where at least one family member has a cellphone; electronic communications are a sure way to reach parents.

At, we have seen that 60% parents have smart phones, but they do not used NET 24 X 7.

Mobile device offers parents and educators the ability to communicate instantly and without the stress and worry of physical meetings. Mobile notifications and updates can increase the daily involvement of parents with the school – Private Tuition Classes, Colleges, Institutes and allow for direct communication between schools and parents. Overall, mobile device is an excellent way to make parent-school distance discussion more meaningful.

We at strive to make every single parent-educator interaction easy and delightful; we have created responsive version of web ( No need of apps, Android or iOS phones and tablets) for parents, together with our web and mobile web applications. Contact us to learn more!