1. How long does it take to get started?

After selecting your plan and finishing registration process by paying full amount, you are eligible to access your account within 24hrs. After completing your data base and submitting approved text ,you are then ready to use it. There is no hardware installation or configuration needed; everything you need is already included in your SAlert account.

2. What hardware do I need to use SAlert?

SAlert is an online messaging solution that uses the computers, Laptop, Tablet and phones of ANY brand you already have with normal NET connection. No additional hardware is required.

3. I don’t see a plan that meets my needs?

No problem, if you need a plan with more than 5000 to 1 Lac SMS, Schedule a Demo. Sales Expert will work to meet your requirements and offer a custom solution.

4. Is this system charged once?

No , Your account is valid for one year subscription only. You need to renew for next year before going to expired.

5. Do I need extra training to use?

No! If you need a personal training onsite Or Online, we are ready to help. Surprisingly, the system is very user friendly.

6. Any hidden cost?

Nothing! Just pay yearly subscription for SAlert application. Purchasing SMS package as per your need and budget with minimum 1 year validity. No training or visit charges during your account validity. No any installation charges for other devices.

7. Can I send messages whenever I need?

Yes ! You are using Transactional messages. i.e. you can send messages to your recipients during 24hrs x 7 days. Except any Govt. Notification and technical error.

8. Can I send messages to my particular Student / Divisions / Batches Or all ?

Yes! You can send messages to the separate group Or All group whenever you need or at a same time without any restriction. Yes, your account validity and balance is required.

9. How long does it take the recipient to receive sent messages?

Oh, Just in minutes..! You can get full and actual delivery report, which you can see in your Account any time.

10. How many characters count for one text message or how many characters can I use?

For English : 160 Character = 1 SMS, For Others(Gujarati, Hindi..etc): 70 Character = 1 SMS. You can use up to 3 SMS length at a time to send. It is displayed while typing.

11. Send text messages with student’s name count as a characters?

Of course ! It may count as per your length of name ( Like: Only First name, Small name Or Full name).

12. When I use others language for messaging but, I submit student’s name in English! Will it translate automatically Or we need to do?

Definitely! The name of students will be taken from your data base as per your chosen language by the system.

13. Can my message be blocked by students, Parents, staff Or by any recipients?

Never! Because, you are using bulk SMS solution and its delivered only with alphabet sender ID. Not by numerical (Mobile no.) Please note that Sender ID should be of any 6 characters of alphabets (Not 3,4,5 Nor 7,8,9..).

14. Can I use ‘Student Alert Solution’ for marketing purpose?

No! Because, you are using Transactional route. As per TRAI, for sending service messages Or sending any update to your own registered recipients. It may count as foul and punishable act to terminate your account and have to be ready to pay penalty decided by TRAI court.

15. Can I write any messages without permission Or approval?

All most 99% messages which you need to fulfil your transaction are submitted in your account. If you need to edit, you can do without permission. But, you cannot use promotional contain (edit) to be release.

16. Can I cancel my plan at anytime?

No. Your agreement to use’ Student Alert Solution’ is for year to year. You need to renew Or and recharge SMS balance whenever with one year validity again. SMS balance do not cary forward, if user miss expiry date of SAlert system and or SMS balance validity.

17. If I do not need ‘Student Alert Solution’ with text messages, but only need of Voice message Or Email..etc. Is this possible?

No. Your registration of ‘Student Alert Solution’ is made for text messages. Voice SMS, Email, FB Messenger, Whatsapp..package is available extra as add on services and as per charges.

18. How secure is our data?

Your privacy is our top concern. We want you to Feel comfortable using our website. Feel secure submitting information to us. We work hard to earn and keep your trust, so we adhere to the following principles to protect your privacy:

    • We will never rent or sell your personally identifiable information to third parties for marketing purposes.
    • We will never share your contact information with any other user. Even during the user's current account and after the closing.
    • Any sensitive information that you provide will be secured with all industry standard protocols and technology.
    • We follow regular Security check –up to prevent. User also need to change strong password when and where system will requested

More questions?

Contact our sales or support team at 0 98250 47343 – 99786 47343 or write email to us : [email protected] for answers.